Where Are They Now...?
This gorgeous girl is Maia enjoying the warm sun. Berkley X Nella 2013.
Dakota Sue hanging out with her favorite kiddos! Berkley X Nella 2013.
We thoroughly enjoy keeping in touch with the families who purchase puppies from us.  We greatly appreciate the pictures and stories shared with us.  Check out our Facebook page for even more updates! Click for Facebook Page.
Cleo and one of her very best friends taking a well deserved nap after an afternoon of sledding. Berkley X Nella 2013.
Hunter at 7 months is already flushing and retrieving pheasants and chukar! Berkley X Nella 2013.
Here is Moose, aka sleepy Steve! Berkley X Nella 2013.
Kitchi in the front, Bella in the back.  These pretty girls came back to Birch Run for a week to visit!
​Berkley X Nella 2014
This is Ava at 11 weeks.  Blitz X Nella 2015