All About Nella
Nella after her first Goose hunt! Their weren't many geese flying that morning but she was a loyal companion the entire hunt. 09/05/12
Nella's first season in North Dakota, and it was a cold one with highs in the mid 20's and lows in the teen's. Nella relentlessly retrieved ducks through frigid water. She is at the ready in this pic. taken on our last evening. 10/24/12
Nella is the perfect family hunting dog. In the home she has a quiet calm demeanor, but in the field she flips the switch to your determined hunting companion. Nella is extremely methodical while upland hunting not leaving an inch of ground uncovered. She naturally works close, quartering back and forth across all members of your hunting party. Nella was a water dog the first day we got her; she loves to retrieve in water through decoys. Nella has an excellent Field Trial Pedigree with Dewey’s Drake of Moon Rivers siring her mother. Nella has retrieved pheasants, mallards, geese, wood ducks, grouse and chukar. With a desire to please, Nella makes a remarkable hunting partner upland or waterfowl.
Nella showing focus and concentration during marking drills. 5/1/13
In Loving Memory