Huntley's first Snow Goose hunt in ND! We had about 15 dozen decoys out that morning and four other dogs. That's a lot of distractions for a young dog, however Huntley remained obedient all morning. Huntley made many retrieves that morning, from Snows to Canada's to Drakes. 10/23/12
All about Huntley
Another afternoon sitting in the channel in ND, notice Huntley is focused on the sky often alerting us to incoming ducks. Earlier on in the trip Huntley made an 80 yard channel blind with a stiff cross wind to retrieve a gorgeous male Bufflehead.   10/25/12
Huntley is a 85 lb hard charging hunting machine. He has excellent marking ability being able to perform 5 marks ranging from 30 to 100 yards in mild cover. He also runs multiple blinds in light tall grass terrain. Huntley is whistle trained and taking hand signals with proficiency. He has an outstanding Field Trial Pedigree with Five Star General Patton Siring his mother. Huntley has retrieved pheasants, mallards, geese, wood ducks, grouse and chukar. He will hunt hard for you during upland hunts and sit quietly in the blind for you during waterfowl trips. He is steady to the shot and will honor other dogs. Huntley is available for stud, please see our services pages for additional information.